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Having years of experience in high-risk jobs we know how to perform well under stressful conditions. With this background we like to give you an insight in the psychological and physiological qualities -and limitations- of the human being. By understanding these so called Human Factors you can optimize team performance, empower leadership, enhance safety and reduce costs.

Besides being a CRM Trainer and Human Factors Expert at HF Solutions each of us has specific expertise:

  • Patrick Gruber (Swiss Airforce Pilot, Safety Manager)
  • Claudia Keinrath (Psychologist, Pilot)
  • Michèle Imhasly (Medical Technical Radiographer, Medical Teacher)
  • Ruth Häusler (Psychologist, Human Factors Advisory Group Member)
  • Oliver Reisten (Anesthesiologist, Mountain Emergency Physician)
  • Nadine Bienefeld (Psychologist, Civil Aviation Safety Specialist)
  • Marco Olivier (Helicopter Pilot)
  • Heidemarie den Boer (Air Transport Manager, Airline Pilot)
  • Menno Boermans (Mountain Emergency Medical Technician, Ski Mountaineer)
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