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The Definition of Human Factors

September 26, 2012

What is the definition of Human Factors? A question hard to answer, because it will differ for every person. Better is to ask, what do Human Factors mean to you? In this post the team of HFSolutions give their view.

Human Factors means to me:

“To recognize the small path between succes and error and walk it with confidence”.
(Pilot Patrick Gruber)

“To always ask one more question”.
(Medical Technical Radiographer Michele Imhasly)

“To find a solution in stead of someone to blame”.
(Pilot Heidemarie den Boer)

“To understand myself a bit more, so I can understand others better”.
(Emergency Physician Oliver Reisten)

“To understand the limitations of human beings, will help me to survive in critical situations”.
(Mountain Rescue Technician Menno Boermans)

“To appreciate the human being as our most valuable asset and to provide him with knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that he can have the most useful effect”. (Psychologist Claudia Keinrath)

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