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The Art of Split-Second Persuasion

June 20, 2011

‘What if I were to tell you that a psychopathic arsonist might also be the person most likely to save you from a burning building?’

This book is about a special kind of persuasion: ‘flipnosis’. It has an incubation period of just seconds, and can instantly disarm even the most discerning mind. This is the kind of high-wire psychological espionage which, in the right hands, can dismantle any conflict – but which in the wrong hands can kill. Flipnosis is black-belt mind control. It doesn’t just turn the tables, it kicks them over. From the malign but fascinating powers of psychopaths, serial killers and con men to the political genius of Winston Churchill – via the grandmasters of martial arts, Buddhist monks, magicians, advertisers, salesmen, CEOs and frogs that mug each other – Kevin Dutton’s book explores what cutting-edge science can teach us about the techniques of persuasion. Fascinating, provocative, and ultimately inspiring, Flipnosis reveals, for the first time, the psychological DNA of instant influence – and how each of us can learn to be that little bit more persuasive.

The book is available in online bookstores like Amazon. The Ebook can be donwloaded in Itunes. See also the website of Kevin Dutton.

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